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Holiday Hoax By Maggie Cole

Holiday Hoax By Maggie Cole

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Little Miss Sunshine will make the perfect fake bride to take home for the holidays.

who cares if I’m her boss? She’s going to drive me nuts. Nevertheless, her perky everything, endless legs, and innocent eyes will come in handy. It’ll stop my family from pushing every country girl turned wanna-be Dallas socialite on me. The town gossips will be disappointed she’s not another one of my financés that’ll never make it down the aisle. And they’ll be jealous when every man falls in love with her. I’ll ignore everyone and work… except when she’s fueling my warped needs. Although she did surprise me and negotiated a higher prenup for her silly cupcake bakery. Too bad for her, I’m not a reckless billionaire—my attorney will find the loophole. Once January 2nd arrives, I’m divorcing her.

Except the more we’re together, the more she’s infiltrating my heart… in ways that have me second guessing our secret arrangement.

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